POS & Merchandise

  • Creation

    Need a cool t-shirt for an event or a full collection of clothes and accessories? We can make it happen. Trends, artworks, thread counts, styles, fits and so on. That's our jam.

  • Purchase/Production

    We have a vast network of producers all over the world depending on type of products, quality, deadlines and so on.

  • Warehouse & Logistics

    Need to store your stuff somewhere and occasionally send them around Sweden or Europe? We have the solution for that. Store them in our warehouse, make orders through our easy-to-use digital platform and get great freight rates with DHL.


  • Brandxmerch.com

    Brand merchandise platform for official merch from brands within the food and beverage industry.

  • Cottonemerch.com

    Brand merchandise platform for official merch from artists, influencers and lifestylers.


Martin Tivemark
+46(0)72 155 04 05